Wearing our Colors

Wearing our Family Colors


Pauline Colletti Loyacano – Red

Mary Colletti Arisco – Purple

Lena Colletti Arisco – Blue

Jay Colletti Mazzola – Green

Paul Colletti – Orange

Ben Colletti – Yellow



Michael, Joseph, Bobby and Karen Barnett



Paula and Ruthie


Darleen, Michael, Margaret and Doug



Kelsey, Emily, Maddi and Tyler


Jeremy, Andrea and Logan Willis




Rich and Charlie Conway


Charlotte, Karen and Joseph Barnett




Paula Jo, Rosie, Margaret and Darleen


Marie and Paula



Aunt Jo







Tyler and Jackson





Chuck and Cherie


Pauline, Joyce and Josephine





Colette and Mary Jo


Paula and Ted





Logan, Andrea, Mark and Laurie


Amy, Abbie, Maggie and Tim Burns





Sam David and Lauren




Anna and Michel


Michael and Matt




Michael and Mia

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